Mosquito daylight nuisance raid on Berlin – 30th January 1943

Header Image: 105 Sqn Mosquito B.IVs DZ353 ‘GB-E’ (nearest) and DZ367 ‘GB-J’ (furthest away) in 1942. DZ367 was subsequently transferred to 139 Sqn and was lost on the daylight raid against Berlin on 30th January 1943.

On Saturday 30th January 1943, 80 years ago this month, Germany held a day of celebrations to coincide with the tenth anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. Berlin would host rallies, and a speech by Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering, from the Air Ministry building, would be broadcast on radio throughout the Third Reich at 11 a.m. Later that afternoon, speeches by Goering and by Reichsminister Joseph Goebbels would also be broadcast, when they addressed a crowd of thousands assembled in the Schöneberg Sportpalast, Berlin’s biggest indoor sports and meeting venue. The RAF, meanwhile, planned to spoil the party with their first daylight bombing raid on the German capital.


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