BBMF experience prize image

BBMF Experiences – Club ballot prizes 2023

Header image: BBMF Experience Day, Lancaster internal tour and Spitfire cockpit experience.

We are delighted to inform Club members that once again we will be offering some “money cannot buy it” BBMF Experiences as Club ballot prizes during 2023, available exclusively to members.

Members Remember: Warrant Officer Jack Wainwright – Lancaster bomb aimer

Header Image: The crew of Plt Off Bill Young RAAF (front centre) with their groundcrew, in front of their 44 (Rhodesia) Sqn Lancaster ME699 ‘KM-T’ for “Tommy”, in which they flew 21 ‘ops’ before being shot down in July 1944. The crew evidently had a close relationship with their groundcrew, many of whom were Rhodesian. Bomb aimer Flt Sgt John ‘Jack’ Wainwright is fourth from the left in the middle row. The Lancaster’s nose art is apparently a duckbilled platypus riding a bomb and a Latin inscription which translates “Deeds Not Words”


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