Operation Oyster – Bombing of Philips Works in Eindhoven 6th December 1942

Header Image: Operation OYSTER – Douglas Boston twin-engine medium bombers over the burning Emmasingel lamp and valve factory at the height of the raid on 6th December 1942.

Eighty years ago this month, on Sunday morning 6th December 1942, the RAF bombed the Philips factories scattered throughout the city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The Philips company was a major producer of electronic parts, including one third of the supply of vacuum tubes for radios used by the German military; it also undertook radar technology research.

Stirling BK716 crew finally laid to rest

Header Image: The crew of Short Stirling BK716 photographed here in front of a Stirling of 1657 Heavy Conversion Unit at Stradishall, Suffolk, prior to being posted to 218 (Gold Coast) Sqn in February 1943. Left to right: Sgt Ronald Kennedy RAF (flight engineer), Sgt Charles Bell RAF (bomb aimer), Fg Off John M Campbell RAF (wireless operator), Fg Off John Harris RAF (pilot), Fg Off Harry G Farrington RCAF (navigator), Sgt John F J McCaw RCAF (rear gunner), Sgt Leonard R J Shrubshall RAF (mid-upper gunner).


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