BBMF Experiences – Club ballot prizes for 2022

Header image: BBMF Experiences: Experience Day, Lancaster internal tour and Spitfire experience.

We are delighted to be able to inform Club members that we expect to be able to offer some ‘money cannot buy it’ BBMF Experiences as Club ballot prizes during 2022. (The COVID pandemic and associated restrictions have prevented us from offering these types of prizes for much of the last two years.)

New BBMF Lancaster captain for 2022

Header image: Flt Lt Paul ‘Ernie’ Wise has flown with the BBMF since 2018. (Photo: Lisa Harding)

Flight Lieutenant Paul ‘Ernie’ Wise will train as a new Lancaster captain with the BBMF for the 2022 display season. He started flying with the BBMF as a Dakota captain in 2018 and then became a Lancaster co-pilot. In his RAF primary duties Ernie flew the C-130 Hercules for many years and is now a Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI) with 45 Squadron at Cranwell, flying the Embraer Phenom T1 multi-engine training aircraft, training the next generation of RAF multi-engine pilots and crew. All of the BBMF Bomber Pilots have primary duties elsewhere in the RAF and fly with the BBMF as volunteers.


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