BBMF ‘money cannot buy it’ experiences 2024

Header image: The Club winners of the BBMF experience prizes in 2023. Top: BBMF Experience Day 2023 – Club member and winner Simon Smith and his wife Angela watch and video the Lancaster taxying in. Bottom left: BBMF Spitfire cockpit experience 2023 – William Brown in the cockpit of Spitfire MK356. Bottom right: Club member Julie Lane enjoying the Lancaster internal tour in 2023.

We are delighted to be able to inform Club members that, once again, we will be able to offer some ‘money cannot buy it’ BBMF Experiences as ballot prizes in 2024, available exclusively to Club members.

Win a Haynes Manual for the Avro Lancaster

This month, one lucky club member will win a Haynes Manual for the legendary Avro Lancaster. This brilliant fact-packed Haynes Manual will give you a great perspective on what it takes to operate and restore one of these amazing aircraft. The book would usually cost £22.99 to buy. We will randomly select one winner to receive the book.

Operation Steinbock - the ‘Baby Blitz’ January 1944

Header Image: RAF Mosquito night-fighters were an essential element of the British defences against the German bombing raids of Operation Steinbock in early 1944.

Eighty years ago, in January 1944, the German Luftwaffe began an air campaign of bombing raids against London and other cities in England, which was to be the largest since the ‘Blitz’ of 1940-41. Named Operation Steinbock by the Germans, it was to be the final large-scale campaign of manned-aircraft bombing raids against England. The German high command ordered this bombing offensive as a reprisal for the increasingly effective Allied combined bomber offensive against German cities and the attendant decrease in the morale of its civilian population.


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