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BBMF Visitor Centre – Christmas and New Year closure

Header Image: BBMF technicians at work on Spitfire IIa P7350 in the Flight’s hangar, with Hurricane Mk IIC PZ865 in the background. The BBMF Visitor Centre provides guided tours of the hangar to visitors. (Photo: Darren Harbar)

The BBMF Visitor Centre will be closed to visitors for the Christmas and New Year period from Thursday 21st December 2023, with the last day for hangar tours being 20th December. The Visitor Centre will re-open with tours of the BBMF hangar recommencing on Monday 8th January 2024.

460 Squadron Lancasters – December 1943

Header Image: Lancaster W5005 ‘AR-L’ “Leader” of 460 Sqn RAAF took part in several night bombing raids against Berlin and returned safely, unlike some other Lancasters and their crews from the same unit. (Original Photo: Darren Harbar)

Many regular readers and supporters of the BBMF will know that the Flight’s Lancaster, PA474, is currently painted on its port side with the markings of 460 Squadron RAAF Lancaster ‘AR-L’ “Leader”, which flew with the squadron from Binbrook between May 1943 and April 1944. Eighty years ago this month, in December 1943, 460 Squadron was involved, along with the rest of RAF Bomber Command, in regular raids against the German capital city of Berlin, a campaign that lasted from November 1943 to March 1944 and became known as the ‘Battle of Berlin’. Raids were also launched against other German cities during this period to try to keep the enemy guessing as to the target for the night.


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