Official Club calendar 2024 – July photo

During 2024 we are presenting the image from the Club calendar in the newsletter for that month, with some details about the picture, including when and where the photo was taken. This month we feature the beautiful sunset Lancaster picture taken by Club member Jon Pear, which we used for July.

Jon tells us, “My photo was taken at RAF Coningsby on a late afternoon in April 2022, when the BBMF had several aircraft doing pre-season work-up flying and practice displays. I watched the Lancaster do several circuits prior to landing and noticed the start of some colour appearing in the sky. I thought of how many people during the Second World War had stood and waited for a Lancaster's return after a mission and their anxiety for the safe return of friends, colleagues and loved ones. And here I was enjoying the spectacle with no other worries other than 'Will I get a good image?'. My concerns were insignificant compared to theirs.”

“The image was taken with a 600mm lens at 1/200 sec and f16 ISO 400, using a sturdy monopod and gimbal. Processing was minimal with just slight adjustments to contrast and clarity and then using Photoshop Masks to adjust the sky to emphasise the colours.”

The deadline for entries to the photo competition for the Club 2025 calendar has been extended to 5th August 2024. Click here for further details.

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