Official Club calendar 2024 – April photo

During 2024 we are presenting the image from the Club calendar for that month in the newsletter, with some details about the picture, including when and where the photo was taken. This month we feature the dynamic image which we used for April, featuring BBMF Spitfire IIa P7350 taking off from the grass runway at Duxford, which was taken by Club member Neil Pearson.

Neil tells us: “My image was taken during the IWM Duxford ‘Flying Day’ on Saturday 9th October 2021. The BBMF had two Spitfires in attendance: Spitfire IIa P7350, flown by Flight Lieutenant Andy Preece, and Spitfire Mk XVI TE311 with OC BBMF, Squadron Leader Mark ‘Disco’ Discombe, as the pilot. Both Spitfires landed at Duxford and stayed for a while before heading back to Coningsby. My image shows ‘Preecey’ taking off from the grass runway at Duxford in P7350. It was taken on a Nikon D500 with Nikon 300mm F/2.8 Vrii lens, at 1/100th ISO200 F16, with the slower shutter speed adding motion blur for P7350’s departure.”

The RAF Memorial Flight Official Club 2024 calendar is now on sale at the reduced price of £7 including postage and can be purchased by telephoning the Club office on 01905 570727, or you can pick one up for the reduced price of £5 (because no postage is required) in the Visitor Centre at RAF Coningsby. To read more about the calendar please click here.

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