Lancaster PA474 in the Stephenson Hangar at Duxford

BBMF Lancaster PA474 major servicing update

Header image: Lancaster PA474 in the Stephenson Hangar at Duxford in late February. (All photos: courtesy of the Aircraft Restoration Company)

Work on the BBMF Lancaster, by a full-time team of nine Aircraft Restoration Company technicians in the Stephenson Hangar at Duxford, has been progressing well. Having completed the deep strip and inspection, many parts are starting to go back onto the bomber’s airframe. The bomb bay doors are now back in place and the undercarriage legs and tail plane are being re-fitted. A number of sheet metal repairs have been carried out to airframe skins as the accompanying photographs show.

Work on the BBMF Lancaster
The Lancaster’s bomb bay doors have been re-fitted and some of the skin repairs are visible.

The No 4 engine firewall was replaced after PA474 suffered an in-flight engine fire in May 2015 so, as it was new, it was not removed. The other three engine firewalls are being replaced with new items and these are in the process of being fitted. The Merlin engines will then be re-fitted and the current plan is to start engine runs in mid-April.

The paint team has also finished its initial preparation work and will soon begin the mammoth task of re-painting the Lanc in her new outfit!

Currently, the Lancaster is on schedule to be air tested by a BBMF crew at the end of April. The accompanying photographs show the progress.

Progress on the BBMF's Lancaster
Top left: Repair work in the tail plane area of the fuselage. Top right: The new engine firewalls awaiting fitment. Bottom: The undercarriage legs are being re-fitted.

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