BBMF ‘money cannot buy it’ experiences 2024

Header image: The Club winners of the BBMF experience prizes in 2023. Top: BBMF Experience Day 2023 – Club member and winner Simon Smith and his wife Angela watch and video the Lancaster taxying in. Bottom left: BBMF Spitfire cockpit experience 2023 – William Brown in the cockpit of Spitfire MK356. Bottom right: Club member Julie Lane enjoying the Lancaster internal tour in 2023.

We are delighted to be able to inform Club members that, once again, we will be able to offer some ‘money cannot buy it’ BBMF Experiences as ballot prizes in 2024, available exclusively to Club members.

Spitfire cockpit experience

A lucky Club member will win the opportunity for a personal, close-up tour of one of the BBMF Spitfires in the Flight’s hangar at RAF Coningsby, being allowed to sit in the cockpit, have photographs taken and have a full explanation of the controls and instrumentation from a pilot who has flown the aircraft. The BBMF Spitfire cockpit experience will be the Club ballot prize for March.

BBMF Experience Day

This year we will once again offer the exceptional opportunity for a full BBMF Experience Day as a ballot prize. This is a fantastic, chance of a lifetime for a lucky Club member to win a very special day with the BBMF at the Flight’s home at RAF Coningsby. Along with up to three personal guests, the lucky winner is allowed escorted access onto the RAF station at Coningsby to experience the activity during one of the BBMF’s planned weekend flying days of the display season, from behind the scenes. Activities are naturally weather dependent, but there should be opportunities to meet the BBMF crews and to watch the Flight’s aircraft coming and going from a very privileged standpoint. The BBMF Experience Day will be the Club ballot prize for April this year.

Lancaster internal tour

The opportunity for an internal tour of BBMF Lancaster PA474, something very few people get to do, will be the Club ballot prize for June. The prize winner will climb into BBMF Lancaster PA474, one of only two airworthy Lancasters in the world, and clamber up through the cramped interior to the cockpit, with a BBMF guide to explain it all. The winner can bring up to two guests to share in this special experience and to take photographs.

All members of the RAF Memorial Flight Official Club are automatically entered into our monthly prize ballots to win these experiences and other special prizes. Good luck this year!

To win any of these amazing BBMF Experiences you have to be a Club member, if you want to have the chance to win one of these experiences, you can join here. If your membership has run out and you wish to rejoin, you can manage your membership here.

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