Lancaster Lounge 2023

BBMF ‘Lancaster Lounge’ refurbished with Club funding

Header Image: The BBMF ‘Lancaster Lounge’ has received a complete refurbishment, courtesy of the RAF Memorial Flight Official Club. (Photo: Clive Rowley)

By its very nature the BBMF hosts numerous visits to the Flight, including some by VIPs, VVIPs and veterans. The Flight’s ‘Lancaster Lounge’ is the room at the end of the BBMF headquarters building, adjacent to the hangar, where important visitors are hosted and it is also used for meetings by BBMF personnel. The room, its furniture and décor needed a refresh after many years without one. When it comes to projects of this nature, funding from the MOD is not generally forthcoming, but funds raised by the Official Club can be help enormously.

Since the New Year, the Lancaster Lounge has been completely stripped and gutted by the Flight, and simple jobs like repainting the walls have also been carried out by some of the BBMF personnel on a self-help basis. Club funds have paid for the superb, top-quality, hard-wearing, wooden-laminate parquet flooring, a completely new kitchen area and the wonderful new furniture. There are still a few finishing touches to complete on the décor, particularly pictures for the walls, but we thought that Club members would like to see what Club funds have provided for the Flight.

The new look ‘Lancaster Lounge’ and its kitchen area. (Photos: Clive Rowley)

The BBMF would also like to thank Ricky at R. Davis Plumbing and Heating Ltd, and Howdens of Sleaford for their work carried out on the plumbing and fitting of the kitchen area.

The Flight is very pleased with the new look and practicality of the revamped Lancaster Lounge and it will see plenty of use this year and from here on, for the hosting of important visitors and for meetings. It will make a terrific difference to the overall impression created for visitors to the BBMF. The Flight remains extremely grateful to Club members, as without Club funding projects of this type would simply not be possible.

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