BBMF 2024 shoulder patch

BBMF’s new shoulder patch for 2024

Each year the BBMF has a specially designed shoulder patch produced, which is worn by the Flight’s aircrew and ground crew on their flying suits throughout the year.

Last year the BBMF patch commemorated the 80th anniversary of Operation Chastise – the ‘Dams Raid’ – and for 2024 the Flight’s new patch recognises the 80th anniversary of D-Day with an unusual design showing Dakotas dropping parachutes. The code names of the five D-Day invasion beaches in Normandy are emblazoned around the lower half of the circle. The 2024 BBMF patch was designed by BBMF Corporals Smith and Jarvis.

The Official Club now has its own patch which will be sent out as a free renewal gift to all Club members who renew their membership this year and up to 31st January 2025. If your membership is out of date, please click here or ring us on 01905 570727 to receive your free patch.

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