Thank you for accepting my Membership Application. I have joined becouse my cousin is Sqd. Ldr & CO Brian John Edward (Sandy) Lane DFC 19 RAF Fighter Squadron Duxford. Sadly killed in action during his first flight with 167 Squadron Ludham on 13th December 1942. I have spent many years researching my family history including Brian and his wife Eileen which has indeed been a most wonderful journey. In addition, my Uncle Sgt Robert Lane AG was MUG aboard 514 Squadron Lancaster Bomber LM206 JI-C which was shot down over Vosges France on 28th July 1944. As a lot of you will know there was only 2 survivors Flight Engineer Thomas Henry Harvell - evaded - and Navigator Sgt George Frederick Robinson - taken POW. I have recently worked with the family's in UK, Ben Howson, Julien Duvaux and the Mayor of Neufchataeu France to have two Memorial Plaques made and erected close to the crash site for all to see. I look forward to contributing to future topics. Michael Lane

  • anon

    Welcome to the RAF Memorial Flight Club, Michael! Thank you very much for sharing your family's stories with us.

    Nov 14, 2019
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