As a fanatic about Hawkers, specifically the Typhoon and Tempest, I long for the day that one of these flies again. The Typhoon in Holland might fly again one day if they can retrieve enough parts but would the BBMF be able [ie be able to afford?] and willing to nobtain such an important WW2 aircraft to join the flight. I think Kermit Weeks is building a Tempest mk2over at his base and I live in hope. I'll donate to the fund if BBMF starts a collection to get one of these in the air! You can have your Dakotas and Spits are wonderful of course, but the sound of the mighty Napier Sabre or the Centaurus overhead would be phenomenal! As for a Tempest mk5, how can we not have the best fighter of WW2 still in the air l; The best according to Duels in the sky author, Captain Eric M Brown. Sorry all you Spitfire and Mustang fans but the Tempest was the plane the Me262 pilots most-respected, apparently! Over to you all to shoot me down on this subject!

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