I'm sure many of us have installed flightradar24 because of Vera's visit. Are there any plans to fit ADS-B to Thumper or the other planes, or is this not an option due to e.g. not having radar, etc?

  • anon

    Hi Martyn,

    I've put your question to our editor, Clive Rowley. This was his answer:

    All the BBMF aircraft are fitted with a modern Mode S transponder, necessary for the type of airspace that the BBMF needs to operate in today. However, in common with all military transponders, they do not show on flightradar24. That is why only ‘VERA’ with her civilian transponder showed up during 2014, with the BBMF aircraft being unseen.

    Best wishes,
    Amy - RAF Memorial Flight Club

    Apr 25, 2016
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