Please what are the cross wind limits for the planes to take off and land, also are there any limits on wind speed at displays


  • anon


    There is not a simple answer to your question about crosswind limits for the BBMF; it's quite complicated. The BBMF 'Baby' Spitfires - Mk IIa P7350 and Mk Vb AB910 - are limited to a maximum crosswind component of 10 knots because of their limited directional control offered by their small fin and rudder. All the other BBMF aircraft - Mk IX, Mk XVI and Mk XIX Spitfires, Hurricanes and Lancaster - have a 15 knots crosswind component limit in BBMF service. The Dakota's limit is actually 16 knots across. However, for BBMF pilots to operate to beyond 10 knots of crosswind they have to have accrued at least 50 hours on the Flight's historic aircraft (which normally takes most of their first display season) and they have to be PDA'd. The maximum wind strength in which the BBMF aircraft are allowed to fly is 25 knots. All these limits are obviously applied to minimise the chances of landing incidents to ensure the long-term preservation of these precious aircraft.

    Aug 13, 2016
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